Flangapp PRO - SAAS Online app builder from website

Flangapp PRO - SAAS Online app builder script

Start your online business today using subscription model and provide your customers with best mobile app development service

Just enter website addresses and
get a mobile app in 10 minutes


Any website CMS and domain name


4 templates for any navigation system


Push newsletter notifications for Android

Let your clients expand their business and find new clients

Up to 74% of users prefer to use a mobile application

More conversions
More average check
Loading speed
Repeat purchases

No programmer help required

Create your app in 10 minutes

With a user-friendly interface your users will be able to get the application for their website without installing professional software

App screenshot

No coding knowledge

You don't need a Mac or Android Studio/xCode to release the app. All operations are available in the web interface.

White label

Change the color scheme, use your logo, customize the launch screen and app icon without extra copyrights.

Free push notifications

Send any number of push messages to your Android customers absolutely free and in any time.

Simple install

Low requirements for your web server and simple Flangapp platform installation process in just a few steps.


100% open source: data about orders and your customers remains only on your server. Isolated database.

Subscription model

Set your own price plans and get money every month with Stripe, RazorPay, YooKassa or other extra method.

All that is needed
to your customers:

Upload app icon and splashscreen settings

Custom app colors and loader indicator

Custom navigation with tabs, bar and navigation

Support media, GEO and RTC permissions

Wide range of subscription methods

Save up to 100 000 $
on SAAS service development and support

Using a ready-made solution to create an application is ten times cheaper than hiring a team of developers. We will provide free application technical support for 6 months.

Free support service

We will provide technical support for the application free of charge for 6 months

Free update service

We update the application to the technical standards of Google and Apple

New features

We add new features, study user experience and develop daily

Bug tracker

We constantly monitor application bugs and fix them

Explore all features of the Flangapp PRO

Convert website to app

Supports latest iOS 17 / Android 14, auto-publish without a Mac, and more.

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