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Refund Policy

You are hereby reminded of the Refund Policy. Please read this document carefully before starting to purchase or pay for any services of Flangapp PRO.

By paying for any of our services/packages, it means that you have acknowledged and agreed to our Refund Policy, that no refunds will be made once you paid. Therefore, your responsibility is to be aware of this before purchasing or paying for any of our services. We do offer a software "as is", without warranty.

The success of launching purchased software depends, among other things, on the level of knowledge of the specialist who launches the software. All non-launch issues are assumed by the Client.

If you would like to hire our team to install purchased software on your own servers, please contact our support team via or

In case you want to upgrade to another Flangapp PRO package, please contact our support team for instructions.


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Updated: 04th March, 2024